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        Timely delivery
        Timely delivery
        Timely delivery
        Timely delivery
        • Global LogisticsGlobal Logistics

          Global Logistics

          As long as you buy our products, no matter where you are, will give you the best logistics service.

        • Mechanical automationMechanical automation

          Mechanical automation

          Committed to making construction work easier, faster and safer.

        • System perfectionSystem perfection

          System perfection

          builds a better future through sustainable and innovative solutions.

        • Professional technical personnelProfessional technical personnel

          Professional technical personnel

          Our employees deliver technology leading products, systems, software and services to our customers.

        ABOUT US

        Hebei Vehicle Group Co.,Ltd

        Hebei Vehicle Group Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality vehicles, PCD cutters, Asia wheels, and cutting wheels. With a commitment to providing our customers with the best products, we have become a trusted partner in the industry.Our products are produced under strict quality control measures to ensure they are of the hi

        Rich industry experienceRich industry experience

        The company was founded in 1941 by brothers Eugen and Martin Hilti.

        Advanced technologyAdvanced technology

        Transform lives, shape tomorrow. Embrace the future

        Full serviceFull service

        Simplify your life. Comprehensive support. Superior quality.

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